Who we are

District Company for Sustainable Urban Development and Renewal of Santa Marta

We are a State Industrial and Commercial Company attached to the District Mayor's Office, with the purpose of planning, contracting, and executing projects for the maintenance, improvement, construction, and rehabilitation of infrastructure, as well as urban and real estate projects for the harmonious and sustainable physical development of the District, while maintaining social and ecological balance. 

In light of the above, we may promote and execute public policies for planning the growth of the urban area, design urban remodeling and recovery projects, manage partial development plans, carry out urban actions and operations in the District, and other related activities considered by the Administration.

EDUS may act as a structurer or executor of projects related to any activity within its purpose and functions, submit proposals, and participate in contractual processes to be considered as a structurer or executor of projects, conducted by entities within the District or other territorial entities or the Nation.

Within its purpose, it may act as a cadastral operator, in accordance with Article 79 of Law 1955 of 2018, National Decrees 1983 of 2019 and 148 of 2020, which add to National Decree 1170 of 2015, and any complementary regulation issued by the national government and the Geographical Institute 'Agustín Codazzi.'

EDUS, within the framework of its legal nature, may carry out activities within the scope of its competence outside the jurisdiction of the District of Santa Marta, provided that it corresponds to the sale of a specialized product or service that is fully funded by the requester of such activity.


To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the District of Santa Marta and the Caribbean Region through the planning, structuring, and execution of sustainable projects that transform territories, as well as the operation of multipurpose cadastre to help close equity gaps, formalize property and land access, strengthen territorial finances, and streamline processes that promote urban and rural development.


By 2025, EDUS aims to become the leading company in the Caribbean Region in the transformation of the territory, in an inclusive, sustainable, efficient, and quality manner, through the provision of services in the structuring, management, and execution of strategic projects and cadastral operation.

Organizational Structure

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