El Rodadero Boulevard

El Rodadero Boulevard

A Sustainable Boulevard for Your Future!

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The transformation of the roads in Santa Marta led by Mayor Virna Johnson continues unstoppable with the delivery of the works...

The construction of the main road in Timayui is nearing its final stage, benefiting 22 thousand inhabitants...

The maintenance and adaptation works of the Bolivarian Sports Park progress positively with the construction of 1,050 meters of curbs...

The construction of the main road in Timayui is nearing its final stage, benefiting 22 thousand inhabitants...

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Project Structuring and Management

We have a dedicated full-time team operating at the highest level, addressing project objectives and priorities in accordance with the dynamics of urban and sustainable development with respect to the environment.

Project Supervision

Thanks to these types of audits, we can anticipate possible construction delays or obtain a more accurate economic basis for the total cost of various actions to be carried out, thereby striving to achieve the proper construction of the project on time and in accordance with the established schedule.

Capital Investment Analysis

Conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, taking into account political-administrative, socio-economic, technological, economic, and financial frameworks, in order to establish the viability of success in a capital investment.

Urban and Architectural Designs

Creation of basic and detailed conceptual designs for engineering projects in civil, electronic, instrumental, control, mechanical, water and sewer networks, telecommunications, and fire protection systems, in accordance with new market trends and requirements.

Social Management

EDUS provides social support to all programs and projects it executes, aiming to achieve processes in harmony with the beneficiary community, always ensuring community satisfaction and well-being.

Project Oversight

Supervision and verification of compliance by the builder or manufacturer in the construction of equipment and facilities, in accordance with national standards, client specifications, data sheets, detailed drawings, plans, payment terms, and required tests. Additionally, administrative control of the contract, including salary payments, suppliers, submission of bonds, subcontracts, and social management.

Multipurpose Cadastre

Provision of services as a cadastral operator contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for citizens in Colombia through planning, property formalization, land access, and strengthening of territorial finances. This involves activating processes that promote urban development, managing georeferenced, comprehensive, and interoperable information, and using cutting-edge technologies in the formation, updating, conservation, and dissemination of cadastral information with a multipurpose focus.

Environmental Management

EDUS's mission is to protect the environment and its surroundings through sustainable development. Our qualified and highly humane workforce offers consultancy and environmental advisory services for all types of projects, supporting our work with the implementation of Good Environmental Practices.


EDUS will connect with the emotions of the community and convey the impact that public works will have on its surroundings, generating emotional connection among communities to achieve ownership and sustainability over time. We uncover the human angle behind projects, putting faces to the stories of those who make the works possible, and promote conversation from all perspectives.

Operaciones Logísticas

Logistics operators aim to streamline their storage, inventory, and distribution processes, reducing fixed costs such as warehouse rentals and vehicle fleets, leading to significant savings in their development. We offer tailored services for importing and trading organizations in their logistics branch, including cargo storage, inventory management, distribution, coordination of local, national, and international transportation, and coordination and customs brokerage.
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